Ladies and gentlemen, meet Agent Locke! We’ll get to know him more in Halo: Nightfall

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Episode 11


CMT has just announced thier modification of the first 5 levels of halo combat evolved, and it looks fucking amazing!!!!
Fucking look at this! Look at it! Look at it you prick! Do it now!!!!!


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These gifs are quite…. Smashing…

Sorry guys I had to that last GIF is just to good 

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Chief & Cortana + Rainbow

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Even though I don't own a Xbox One do you think it would be worth buying the The Master Chief Collection in November anyway? Halo is my favourite series, also what do you think about some people thinking the Master Chief collection should come to PC?

I tbh am fully broke so Xbox One out of the picture like you said, but keeping that In mine I bought BF4 while having a broken Hard rive, Still don’t have a new one since I’m no longer getting allowance either… But Even so I’d Buy my self the Halo Master Chief Collection so I can go to a friends house and play it or once I get an Xbox One I can play it right away and Maybe even Play the Beta If I get the Xbox One for Christmas :) 

This is an opinion not Something Telling you WHAT TO DO!!!! (For those who will say “you told me to buy the game!” No I didn’t…. Saying that in advance!) 

Just remember its fully up to you on how you take this opinion :) Hope it helps you make your choice and I wish all of you the most of fun when you get to play Halo the Master Chief Collection 

Now about the Collection being on PC. 
I think it be a good move by Microsoft studios Since they can get every thing to run at 1080 and Look even better when pushing the system (A gaming PC) Sadly for some this wouldn’t help either since they may not nave a gaming PC or an Xbox One so in the end it really depends on how 343 desires to do this. I hope for the Halo PC to make a comeback but again its up to 343 and this would also destroy the Xbox Exclusive deal and drive Xbox sails down since you Can just buy the Game on PC.. 

Very well done :) I really like these posters 

Image 1

Image 2 

Image 3

I would like you to give me a "happy birthday" I love your Tumblr!! and that makes me a fan -u- :3, would be the best gift! T_T

Well Happy Birthday to you :) Have a good one and we should Play Halo together one day :D Also Thank you for being a Fan it really helps! 

PS: Love the music on your about me page but I did Google Translate your about me since I only Speak German and English :P 

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Ace: The Montage - Edited by Snipetality

Such a good watch :) 

Halo News - Collection Themed Console, SDCC, Halo Nightfall Teaser

Watch it guys it really helps 


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When someone says that Halo sucks.





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