eX win the Pax Prime

So today was the final of the PAX Prime on the Halo Master Chief Collection and eX win’s this one and take home $5,000. 

Halo 2 Anniversary - FORGE First Look!

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Halo 2 Anniversary comparación del audio / H2A Audio comparison.
Sounds awesome

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[HD] Full Halo Panel PAX Prime 2014 - Forge, Halo 3 Gameplay and Halo 2 …

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Halo 2 Anniversary Forge Improvements | Beyond Entertainment

More forge info check it out 


Forge is getting a nice update :) 


Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Gameplay on Sanctuary | Gamescom 2014

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A X I O S: I am worthy.

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Don’t have Halo Reach?

well your lucky (as long as you have a gold membership) It will be free next month form the 16-30th September :) I’d hope you’d have it by now but if not heres your chance :D also if you wanna know more just go here. Hope it helps, you guys are awesome and I’ll see your around :P 

Let me know what you think?

I’m pretty sure that 343 had already told us all the remastered  maps but we didn’t notice for those of you who played the Halo mash up pack for Mincraft on the Xbox 360, you may have noticed that a lot of the maps that were in the Halo mads have been confirmed to be In Halo the Master Chief collection. Now I could be wrong since I do not have the Halo Pac which is why I’m asking you to please check for me what maps were in the maps that was given and are all those maps remastered in the Master Chief collection. Hope I’m right if not I’m sorry but I hope you can forgive me! 



Lockout it the fifth full remake for Halo 2 Anniversary. Other maps will only be ported. Lockout is the fifth map confirmed of six. With only one last map scheduled for reveal at this week’s PAX Prime, the map list currently stands as:







Make me choose:

su3nos asked: marcus fenix or john 117
dianndroid asked: garrus vakarian or master chief

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